Product Edit

The products are managed as individual elements, once created they can be disseminated throughout the page.
Each product is configured, value, stock availability and special features.
It has two fields of computerization, the first is for the most advanced aspects and the information is entered into writing.
In the second edition, it is only for a small summary of its specifications or characteristics, this is the first fragment that comes out.
The following is edited in the central part:
Sale and offer price
Availability of inventory and in numbers.
Characteristics for shipping with weight and resignations.
link to a more advanced description or a YouTube video.
Linked Products
Similar products that may be of interest to the customer.
Specific attributes that may be relevant to each product to be chosen by the customer, such as color, size, capacity, etc.
Purchase Note or Review.
Get More Options
Create more specific and particular aspects for each product.
Edit visual characteristics of the product.
On the right side there are two options, Edit Product image and Add images to the product gallery.
Product Image-> is the image that appears on the cover of each presentation.
Product Gallery-> is where more images of the product are displayed.
It loads like any image in the gallery.
In the right side section the category and images of the product to be displayed are chosen.